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Add a Blog Entry

As a Moodle user you can add a blog entry on a course/module where the blog menu block is already installed. If you cannot see the block , please contact your Lecturer to ocnfirm it is setup correctly.

The Blog menu block will appear by default on the right hand side of a course page – in the collapsidble sidebar menu on the page. Open the sidebar to find the block if it is not visible.

Click on Add an entry about this course

You will need to give the Blog entry a Title

You will also need to add some content to the body of the blog entry body. Here you can add text, images , hyperlinks, Panopto videos etc and many more resources.

You can attach a file or document to the entry also if required.

Next you will want to publish the entry on the site

There are three options when you go to Publish the Blog Entry

1 – Anyone on this site : Anyone on the site can read the entry.

2 – Yourself (Draft) : Only you and the administrators can see the entry

3 – <Lecturers Name> : Only you and the Lecturer can see the entry.

Depending on what content you are posting, and who you want to see it , you will need to choose the appropriate Publish option here before saving the changes. You can edit this entry at any stage and change the publication level after you post.

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