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Add a wiki to your course/module


Wikis are collaborative web pages that you can add to your module if you want students to:

• Collaborate and share knowledge around a specific topic.

• Demonstrate collective teamwork for a group project.

• Demonstrate the planning stages and early drafts of an individual assignment.

You can create wikis at course, group, and individual level.




  1. Go to the module you want to add a wiki to and Turn editing on.Screenshot highlighting where the Turn editing on button is located.
  2. Scroll down to the section you want to add the wiki to and select Add an activity or resource.Screenshot highlighting where the Add an activity or resource button is located.
  3. Search for the Wiki activity from the list and select it. This will bring you to a screen where you can add a name, a description, and select other settings for your wiki. You can choose whether the wiki is collaborative (students will work together) or individual (students will work on their own).
  4. Make sure you add a meaningful First page name, as this cannot be changed once the wiki has been created.
  5. Check the other settings and make changes as you see fit. If you are unsure of any, you can leave them as the default.
  6. Once you are done, select Save and display.
  7. Next, select Create page and add any useful information to help the students get started. You can also add additional new pages by adding double square brackets around their titles.Screenshot of the Create page screen for the wiki activity
  8. When you are done adding information, you can preview your work and select Save.

Further Information

For more information on wikis, see the following article or video: Wiki activity.

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