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Add Panopto Assignment to Moodle

This guide will go through the steps involved to adding a Panopto Assignment to Moodle. This requires that you have setup the block on your module as well as created the assignment folder in Panopto. This is a two step process where you must create an upload link from Moodle to Panopto and then create an assignment in Moodle for linking that video back.

Part A : Video Upload Link

Go to Moodle, log in and Turn Editing On. Go to the section where you want to add the activity and click on Add an Activity or Resource.

  1. In the search section, type in Panopto
  2. Click on the Panopto icon that appears to add the activity

In the following page , all you need to do is give the activity a name and Save and Return to Course. We recommend calling it “Part AVideo Assignment Upload” or something similar. The purpose of this activity is to allow the students to submit their video file to Panopto.

The activity will appear in the section you denoted when you created it and you can click into it to see the Panopto content embedded into the Moodle page. The crosshairs to the left of the activity will allow you to click and drag the activity to a new location if you desire.

Part B – Submit your Assignment

The next step is to create a standard Moodle Assignment – this will permit the student to link their video to this assigment and make grading easier for the lecturer. With Turn Editing On, add an activity of resource and choose Assignment. You will setup the assignment the same as you would any other assigment in Moodle. Set a start date and end date and be sure to add a description that reminds the students to upload their video before proceeding with this step.

In the submission types area, untick the File Submissions and choose Online text. Choose any other settings that you require and scroll to the bottom of the page and save the assignment. Once you have completed these steps you should have something similar to the below screengrab.

NOTE: Remind your student to look at the guide online re uploading their video and reitterate that this is s two step process – first they need to upload their video and then they need to link to it.

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