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Add Panopto to your module

In order for your Moodle module to show any Panopto content that has been recorded, you’ll need to enable the Panopto Block on your module page which will be explained below.


Teacher Role in the required Moodle Module
  1. The first thing you should do on your module is to check the current blocks installed in the module. Look for the Panopto block. If it is there , you do not need to do any more steps in this guide. If the block is not available to you, please continue and follow the steps below to install the block in your module.
  2. Turn Editing On in the module where you want to use Panopto.
  3. Choose the Add a Block option from the left hand side menu.
  4. From the list of available blocks, pick Panopto. This will install the block on the right hand side of the page among the other blocks.

If this is your first time using Panopto in this module you will need to Provision the Course. This creates a folder on the Panopto servers and synchronises the users between the two system.

Once provisioning is complete, the block on the right appears. This is also the block that appears if Panopto was installed previously on the module.

Click on Course Settings to take you to Panopto and see your module folder. You can create media here, generate live sessions and setup Panopto Assignments.

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