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Adding a document or file to your module on Brightspace


If this is your first time on Brightspace and you have never attended a training workshop, please review the 12min video below to get an overview of what to expect to see on your module space, what is a standard template layout, your options for customising that layout to suit your way of presenting material, and the basics of adding Files.

If you have already attended a workshop and just need a quick reminder of how to add files to your module space, skip to part B.

Part A. Introduction to the online module space and adding files

Part B. Adding a document or file to your module on Brightspace

You add a file in two steps.

  • Upload the file to your resources folder (not visible to students).
  • Add the file to your module page by linking to it in the resources folder (this is visible to students).

Upload the file into your resources folder

  • Go to Top Toolbar,
  • Choose Admin/Manage Files/1-Resource-Files/choose relevant folder name example ‘Wk6’.
  • Upload the PDF in there by choosing ‘Upload’
  • Drag and Drop the file from your computer into the upload area for folder.
  • View a 45 sec video on this (no audio used).

Return to the main module page to link in the file

  • Go to main module page, by pressing the ‘content’ button in the top toolbar.
  • On the left hand panel, click on the section where you want the file to go. The destination of the newly added file will be inside the section that you have clicked/highlighted. In the example video below we will click on the ‘Module overview’ section and we will click on the ‘Module Outline’ subsection to highlight it. This means that the file will be added under ‘Module Outline’ section.
  • Navigate to the ‘Manage files’ folder by pressing Add Existing/..More/Course File/Resource-Files/choose relevant folder name example ‘Wk6’ and choose the relevant file name.
  • This will bring your file into the main section of the module for students to view.
  • View a 40 sec video on this (no audio used).

Ensure the file is visible to students

New files have a status of default/hidden. At the top of the page, move the slider from ‘hidden’ to ‘visible’ when you are ready to release the file.

Order the file sequence

Move the file up or down using the left hand menu using the ‘drag and drop’ feature. Using this method, you can sort it in the order that you want students to view it.
View a 20 Sec Video on this (no audio used).

A Note about file management

In this tutorial you learnt how to upload a file into the Manage files folder and then link it into the main page. Remember that the ‘Manage files’ folder is similar to your ‘resources’ folder in sulis, except that it is invisible to students. We recommend that you first arrange your files in the ‘Manage Files’ folder, and sort them according to week and theme by placing them in the relevant folder name.

There is a second way to add a file to your module. You will note that when you press Add Existing/..More/Course File/ that there is a second option to add a file directly into your course from your computer. It is a quicker method, but we would not recommended that this method is used to upload files. The reason is as follows: Whilst the newly uploaded file would appear on the front end of the module just fine, the file disappears into the Manage files folder in the background. If you want to later replace that file or delete it next semester because it is out of date, it will be difficult for you to find the file to delete, update or swap it out.
View a 3 min video on this topic (audio included).

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