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Advanced Grading with Marking Guide and Rubric

What is Advanced Grading

Advance grading offers teachers the ability to use alternative grading methods to Simple Direct Grading (e.g. 50 out of 100 points). In particular, teachers can use the Marking Guide and Rubric to grade student assignments without the need to calculate and input the grade manually.

Since the grade is calculated automatically, based on the criterion and level selection, Advanced Grading can make the grading process far less time-consuming.

Note: Both the Marking Guide and Rubric calculate the grade automatically based on the criterion and level selection made by the teacher. This can be especially useful when grading assignments with a large number of students, making the assessment process far less time-consuming so that teachers can focus on providing quality feedback.

The activities which make use of Advanced Grading include: Assignment, Workshop and Discussion Forum

Marking Guide vs Rubric

Marking Guides consist of a set of assessment criteria which do not have fixed levels and the teacher can assign a certain number of points for each of the criteria up to a pre-defined maximum.

In addition, teachers can provide optional justification for each of the assessment criteria in order to explain why a certain number of points was awarded for the criterion.

Example Marking Guide with two assessment criteria.

Rubrics, on the other hand, consist of a set of assessment criteria but also include levels for which a fixed number of points is awarded. However, levels can be equally weighted and include the same number of points across criteria or the weighting can differ from criterion to criterion which makes rubrics a very flexible assessment tool.

Example Rubric with two assessment criterial and five levels.

How to enable Advanced Grading

Advanced Grading need to be enabled in the activity settings under the Grade tab and the appropriate grading method needs to be selected.

Once you finish configuring the remaining settings for the activity click ‘Save and Display‘ and you will be automatically taken to the Advanced Grading page for the activity.

If you are not automatically directed to the Advanced Grading page, you can access the page from the activity main page. Simply click the ‘cogwheel‘ icon and select ‘Advanced Grading’ from the drop-down menu.

Creating Marking Guides and Rubrics

The Advanced Grading page allows you to either built a new Marking Guide or Rubric from scratch or select from previousy saved templates.

Creating a Rubric involves adding relevant assessment criteria with descriptions as well as defining levels within each of the criteria including level description and points.

Click on the relevant field to add/edit a description or configure points.

Creating a Marking Guide involves adding relevant assessment criteria and including descriptions for both teachers and students.

Click on the relevant field to add a description.

Once you finish creating your Rubric or Marking Guide and save it, you can always go back to the Advanced Grading page and edit, delete or publish as a template to be used across other modules.

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