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Brightspace Training – Workshop 1

The following is a breakdown of the topics and content that is covered in the first workshop on Brightspace. Here we are looking at the Interface and the main differences between it and Moodle. Full details are listed below on what is covered as well as links to the supporting documentation.

1. Talk about the Brightspace Interface
2. Explain the purpose of the Course homepage and the Course Content 
    a. Course Homepage 
        i. Consists of Widgets
        ii. Controlled by ITD
        iii. Information / Overview purposes mostly
            1) Announcements
            2) VTOC ( Visual Table of Contents )
            3) Any courses / modules you are taking
            4) Calendar
            5) Single Profile Widget
    b. Course Content
        i. Teaching Material for Lectures
        ii. Navigation bar at the top of the page
        iii. Menu on the left hand side of the page
        iv. Content / Teaching material 
        v. Assignments / Discussions / Quizzes
3. Look at the template for the current semester
4. To do
    a. Update your Single Profile Widget with current information
    b. Add your Profile picture
    c. Set up your notifications

Once you are familiar with the interface we move onto the Download center in Moodle – workshop 2.

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