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Brightspace Training – Workshop 2

This workshop looks at the download center software in Moodle. This will allow the user to download their files and folders for offline view and safe keeping. Please note that hiiden sections in a teaching module are skipped or ignored by the download center – you must unhide these sections before proceeding to download your content.

WARNING: The Download center will download only visible FILES and FOLDERS!

Section text that is a description of what is happening in a given week is not downloaded. Neither are the URLs in a given week, BBB recordings or Panopto recordings. You are encouraged to copy all this information into a word document for safe keeping in case you need it in the future.

Once the download of the zip file is complete, open it up and tidy it up. Move the content from the sub folders back up to the root folder for that week. Rename the week folder to just 01,02,03 etc. Considering shorting the names of long files or artcile related PDFs. When you are finished compress the file again so you can upload it to Brightspace. Next we move onto workshop 3.

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