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Bulk Course Creation – Text File

The first thing that you need to do is take the text file given to you and clean it up so that the GREP command will accept it and formulate it properly.

The text document should be written in Notepad, Notepad++ , Wordpad or similar on a Windows machine. Mac computers can use Textedit. It is best not to use MS Word for this formatting as the results are not consistent.

Open your text editing programme and give it a name that is understandable – ie KBSModuleCodes.txt or something to that effect.

Insert into the text document the module codes that you want to use for the upcoming semester of teaching. Example below:

Once the file is populated with your codes, take note of how many lines there are in the text file – this is the number of modules you are looking to create – and send the file to Kevin .

Once Kevin gets the file , it will be opened in Komodo IDE 12 to remove the additional CR inserted from Windows machines. To see these markers, click on View > View EOL Markers to show them on the screen. 

Open the file in Komodo and right click on the tab at the top of the screen with the file name in it and go down to File Preferences at the bottom. This will show you a pop up window with all the preferences inside.

Go down to the File Settings section and change the Line Ending to Unix (\n) if it is not already selected. Untick the Preserve existing line endings and Apply and OK for the changes to take effect. Save the original text file and now the file is ready to feed into the GREP command and parse through the data from SI/ITD.

You can note that all the CR are gone from the file and it tells the line count also so I know how many entries should be in the CSV file once the GREP command finishes.

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