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Discussions Homepage

Naviage to your Discussions homepage for your module on Brightspace.

  1. This is the current location of the Disccussions homepage in the navigation bar.
  2. The Discussions homepage shows you an overview of all the forums and the accompanying topics that have been created for the specific course. This is the Discussions List.
  3. The Subscriptions tab allows you to select how you want to receive notifications (in the form of an email) about discussions forums, topics, and threads to which you are subscribed.
  4. The tab Group and Section Restrictions allows you to see which group of students you have granted access to which forum and/or topic. You can also change the access from here. Click on Save when you are done editing.
  5. You can generate statistics about the forums, topics, and/or their users using the Statistics tab. You can use this tool to see which students are participating in a discussion, which topic generates the most or least reactions, etc. You can export this data to Excel.

More details on these sections are covered in the advanced section on the Discussion Tool found here.

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