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Editing Quiz Questions

This guide covers how to access the question bank and find and edit questions that are used in course quizzes.


  1. Click the gear icon at the top of your main course page then select More….

2. Click Question Bank.

3. From the category dropdown – (a) in the screenshot below – select the category with the quiz question(s) you want to edit. If you’re not sure what category the questions are in, you can just select the “Top” category and then check the box that says “Also show questions from subcategories” – (b) in the screenshot below. This will show you all the questions in your course.

4. To find the question you’re looking for, you can do Ctrl+F, or Cmd+F, to type in some of the text in the question name to find it. Or you can just look through the list (it’s automatically sorted alphabetically by question type).

5. Once you’ve located the row with the quiz question you want to edit, click the Edit dropdown then select Edit question.

6. You can then edit the question or answer text, points the question is worth, and question feedback. Click Save changes when you’re done.

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