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12: Forum

The Forum activity allows students and teachers to exchange ideas by posting comments as part of a ‘thread’. Files such as images and media maybe included in forum posts. The teacher can choose to grade and/or rate forum posts and it is also possible to give students permission to rate each other’s posts.

Students access the forum by clicking the icon on the course page and depending on the forum type selecting, will typically be see a button to start a new discussion topic. They can sort discussions, subscribe to discussions from the toggle button, and favourite/bookmark discussions from the star icon on the left. This moves the discussion to the top of the list, under any discussions pinned by the teacher.


Brightspace refers to forums as Discussions. In Brightspace. use the Discussions tool in your course to encourage users to share thoughts on course material with their peers. You can set up forums and topics for users to ask questions, discuss course content and assignments, and work together in assigned groups and sections.

Bottom line

Importing Moodle courses into Brightspace that contain forums does not work. The discussions and threads are displayed and tiered incorreclty. There is no guarentee all the dates and times associated with the forums are imported properly. Best practice is to create your forums from new in Brightspace and follow the guide for the same.

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