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15: H5P

The H5P activity enables H5P content created in the Content bank, or on the h5p.com site, or the LUMI app for desktop, to be easily added to a course as an activity.,

Make sure you download the newly created H5P file on the h5p.com site that you will later upload to your Moodle course to be easily added to a course as an activity.

Nothing needs to be entered if you are adding H5P content to your course from the content bank or by uploading an H5P package. H5P is integrated with Moodle and linked to overall system.


H5P.com content may be created from within Brightspace, you get your own H5P content repository in Brightspace and grades are stored in Brightspace. H5P.com also provides analytics within Brightspace so that teachers may see what the learners answered to the different questions within the H5P Content.

Brightspace admin needs to set up the LTI integration in order to it to work within the VLE. There is also an additional cost to using H5P in Brightspace compared to Moodle.

Bottom line

Content that was generated in Moodle as H5P that resides in the content bank will need to be exported out and imported to the H5P.com website in order for it to work properly.

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