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How can I use reports to analyse student activity on a module? (Video)


The Reports feature in Moodle allows you to track certain student activities within a module. These reports can help you to determine how well students are engaging with your content. They may also help indicate whether you need to make adjustments to your module material, or if you need to follow up with students on a collective or individual basis.

Depending on how Moodle is configured, you may have access to the following reports:

Competency breakdown report (not currently used at UL): allows you to view the competencies of each student in your module, along with their ratings (only viewable if you have set up competencies for your module)

Logs: allows you to generate a filtered report showing information about a particular activity or student.

Live logs: allows you to view the past hour’s activity within the module

Activity report: allows you to view the number of views of each activity in the module, sorted by topic

Course Participation: allows you to generate a list of who has participated in a given activity, and how many times. You can also select users (e.g., those who haven’t participated) and message them.

Statistics: allows you to generate a graph and table to show how many hits (by role) there have been on various parts of your site over a certain period of time.

How do I access and use course reports?

The below video gives you a good overview of how to access course reports and how to use some of the reports available to you.

Further Information

For more information on specific reports, please see the following articles:

Logs and Live Logs

Activity report

Participation report


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