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How do I import content from one Moodle site to another?


You can easily and quickly reuse content from your previous modules by using the import function in Moodle. Once your content has been imported, you can then review and edit your current module so that it is accurate and up to date.

Before You Start

  1. You must have teacher permissions on both modules.
  2. Make sure the new module has the same layout as the old module. It is important that the sections in your destination module (where you’re importing to) align with the sections in your original module (where you’re importing from). This is because content will be imported from the original module into the corresponding sections of the destination module. So, if Week 1 sits in Section 1 of your original module, make sure that Week 1 sits in Section 1 of your destination module.


  1. Go to your destination (current) module.
  2. Open the Actions menu and select Import. You can also select Import from the Administration block available in the sidebar.
    Selecting the Import option in the destination module
  3. This takes you to the Find a course to import data from screen. Up to 10 modules are listed on this screen. If the module you want to import from is not listed, you can search for it using the search field.Find a course to import from screen
  4. Once you have selected the module you want to import from, choose Continue. This will bring you to the Initial settings screen.
  5. On this screen, you chose what content types you want to import. All options are selected by default, so if you don’t want to import something, you must deselect it. At this stage, if you are happy with importing everything, you can select Jump to final step and the import will begin. If you want to review the content in more detail, select Next.Initial settings screen
  6. On the Schema settings screen, you get the opportunity to review in greater detail the content you are importing. You can choose to deselect individual files or activities, for example, a module outline that is now out of date. Once you are happy with your choices, select Next.Review schema settings
  7. You are then taken to a screen that allows you to review your choices. Once you have done that, select Perform import.
  8. You should then be taken to a screen that displays a confirmation message stating that the import has been done. Here, select Continue to be taken back to your module site where you can review the content that has just been imported. Import complete message

Further Information

For more information, see the following article: Import course data.

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