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How to Access my Module Grades

1. Introduction

Module assessment varies for each module but in general, your overall module grade will be broken down into several assessments and spread throughout the semester.

Your grades and feedback on mid semester assignments will be placed on Moodle. You will receive the results of your overall module grade in your student portal, which is located outside of Moodle. This tutorial shows you how to access both types of grades.

2. Accessing Mid-semester Assignment Grades on Moodle

You will be notified by your lecturer when feedback is ready for your mid semester assignments. The type of feedback that you will receive (written feedback OR grades OR both) will be outlined by your lecturer.

A. To view your grade in the Assignment Upload Area.

  • Go to the home page of your module, in Moodle.
  • Go to the assignment upload area and click on the relevant assignment name (see image below).

  • Once inside the relevant assignment area, scroll down until you see the heading entitled ‘Feedback’. Here you will see Grade and Feedback if added. This is a private area that is only visible to you and your lecturer.

B. To view your grade in the Gradebook.

If your lecturer has set up the gradebook and linked in your assignments to it, you will see your grade in the gradebook section of the module.

  • Go to the home page of your module, which contains the module title.
  • Scroll down the page and view the list of blocks at the left or right hand side of the page.
  • Click on the ‘Grades’ button (see image below). This will open the module gradebook. Inside the module gradebook, your grade appears in the ‘grades’ column, and feedback appears in the ‘feedback’ column. This is a private area that is only visible to you and your lecturer.

3. Accessing End of semester module grades in the student portal (outside of Moodle)

Your overall module results will not appear on Moodle, but on the ‘results’ website initially www.results.ul.ie. 

Around two weeks after results are released on the site above, they will be added to your overall transcript. Your overall transcript is the cumulative list of results for all semesters that you’ve completed so far. The cumulative result is available on the student portal located at www.si.ul.ie. The student portal also shows your overall award so far (QCA).

a. To access your grades on the student portal.

  • Log into www.si.ul.ie
  • Username (this is your ID number);
  • Password, (this is personal to you).

For more details on exams, grading and progression, log into the Academic Registry student directory.

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