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Importing Quizzes and Question Banks to BS from Moodle


In this article, we will outline how to export your quizzes and question banks from Moodle and import them into your module on Brightspace.

⚠️ Important

You must check your quizzes and questions after you import them into Brightspace to ensure all content has transferred over correctly. Not all Moodle question types are supported in Brightspace, so it is important that you review all questions before publishing your quizzes. Carleton University has produced a comprehensive document outlining how question types do or do not migrate. Please review the table in this document: Quiz Question Types: Moodle to Brightspace Migration Guide


  1. On Moodle, select Backup and follow the steps outlined to back up your course.
Backup Moodle Course
  1. Download the backed-up course. It downloads as an MBZ file.
Download Backup MBZ File
  1. On Brightspace, select the Admin Tools icon and choose Import/Export/Copy Components.
Import backed up MBZ file to Brightspace
  1. Then, select Import Components and choose from a course package.
Import Components from a Course Package
  1. Upload the MBZ file and select Advanced Options.
Upload MBZ File and Select Advanced Options
  1. You’ll get the following messages. Choose Continue for Steps 1 and 2.
Step 1 Converting Package

Step 2 Downloading Package
  1. For Step 3, select Question Library and Import all items. Also, select Quizzes and Import all items. If you don’t want to import all items, you can select the individual items you want to import instead. Review the Advanced Options in case you want to adjust any of the settings. Once you are happy with everything, choose Continue.
Step 3 Select Components to Import
  1. A pop-up lets you know that your import has begun.
Import Begun Popup
  1. Once you’re import is complete, you’ll see the pop-up will update to note the import was successful. From this pop-up, you can choose to:
    1. View Content
    2. Import Another Package
    3. Review and Manage Dates
    Import Complete Popup
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