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2: Attendance

The Attendance activity is designed for teachers to be able to take attendance during class, and for students to be able to view their own attendance record.

A teacher can mark the attendance status of a student as “Present”, “Absent”, “Late”, or “Excused”. These status descriptions are configurable, and more can be added. The teacher adds Attendance as an activity of a course, and then sets up the sessions for which attendance is to be tracked.

The Attendance activity can generate reports for either the entire class or for individual students. Students may also see their own attendance record if the activity is not hidden.

The optional Attendance block allows teachers quick access to the Attendance functionality, and allows students quick access to a summary report for their own attendance.


The Attendance tool enables you to create registers that track attendance for activities within your organisation or course. You can track attendance for any number of activities and customise your registers to suit your needs.

Use the Attendance tool to create sessions to track attendance and define attendance statuses for your activities. You can assign grades for user attendance, view attendance results, and track users that have poor attendance.

Bottom line

Even though there is an attendace tool within Brightspace it was deemed not fit for purpose by the VLE group and research was conducted into integrating with an external tool using an LTI – a link or bridge between the two system. While several such tool were demoed and tested, at the time of this article creation, no such tool has been procurred for the project. There is hope that such an LTI will be in place in the future to allow this functionality to exist in Brightspace.

No Attendance tool in Brightsapce.

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