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5: Checklist

Checklist is an activity (with a related block) which allows students or teachers to check off items on a course as they are completed and thus have a customised record of progress. Settings for the checklist creation include:

  • Do you want to allow students to add their own items?
  • Who should be allowed to add updates?
  • Do you want due dates appearing in the calendar?
  • Do you want to allow teacher comments?
  • If you want an email sent out when the list is complete, whom should it go to?
  • Do you want to automatically add all course items to the checklist? Or just those in the current section? You must choose one or the other in order for items to be displayed.
  • Do you want completed items to be automatically checked off?


A checklist is a way to highlight important or required assignments, readings, or other items to complete. It is an interactive to-do list that allows students to check off each item as they complete them. A checklist may list all the items that need to be completed or it may have new items appear as other items are checked off. Each checklist contains one or more categories, into which items are organised.

Bottom line

Brightspace has a slightly different approach to the checklist activity compared to Moodle and is missing some of the advanced features that Moodle has – but overall it works well in Brightspace.

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