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Moodle Participants Page

What is the Participants Page

Moodle 3.9 introduces the Participants page which is a useful resource for students, teachers and administrators. The page lists all of the course participants e.g. students, teachers etc. and also includes essential information as well as a number of actions.

Students can quickly check other users enrolled in the course and look up their group membership and contact details in case they need to get in touch.

Teachers and administrators can quickly enrol/unenrol students and other users in a course as well as check their enrolment status, role within the course and last access time and date.

The Participants page can also be used by teachers to identify possible ‘at risk’ students by regularly checking the Last Access to Course column at different stages of the course.

Accessing the Participants Page

The Participants page is accessed from the navigation drawer on the left side of the module main page.

How to use the Participants Page

The Participants page is divided into several sections and each section includes different types of information and actions.

Use the “Enrol Users” button to manually enrol users and assign their role within a course.

Use the Filters to quickly find particular users. You can use many search criteria e.g. name, surname, role etc. and you can also combine different conditions for more refined search results.

In the Student Information section you can:

– Edit roles for a particular user

– Add/remove users from groups

– Edit/remove enrolment

– Access enrolment information

In the Bulk Actions section you can:

– Bulk edit user roles

– Bulk edit/remove user enrolments

– Bulk message users

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