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Navigating Your Moodle Course or Module


The video below provides a quick tour of the Moodle course or module page.

Acesss Your Course or Module Page

You can access the courses or modules you are enrolled by clicking on the links in your Course Overview Block on your Moodle Dashboard or by clicking the course links in your My Courses menu in your navigation bar.

Moodle Dashboard

Navigating the Page

Your module or course page contains a number of key areas.

The navigation bar runs across the top of your Module page an contains links to your current course or module enrolments, Key Resources and your Moodle User menu.

The Navigation Drawer is located on the left side of your screen. From here you can view current course Participants, view Competencies that have been linked to your course and view your module Gradebook which displays grades and feedback on your course work when it becomes available.  Your navigation drawer also contains direct access back to your Dashboard, Site Home and your Moodle Calendar.

In the main area at the top of your module page you will see a general summary area which contains introductory module information. Directly beneath this you will see the module Announcements forum and some other introductory resources depending on the module.

Moodle Course Page General summary Section

Page Sections

The main area of your module page contain sections which house course material. Although the content of each page will vary, a module page typically leads with essential module information sections followed by a series of sections housing course materials and activities organized by topic or week. 

Moodle course sections

Section headings contain a summary of the section contents. The contents are visible within the section. Clicking on the section title or the arrow icon to the right of a section title collapses or expands the section.

If course completion has been enable on your module you will see check boxes beside resources and activities.  You can keep track of your progress by checking off the resources or tasks you have completed.

Moodle Course Page Section with course completion check boxes highlighted


The side bar houses the any blocks that have been added to your module or course page. The content of the side bar varies from module to module. You can ‘Pin’ the side bar to keep it constant on your module page or ‘Unpin’ it to allow it to collapse back to the left.

Moodle Course Page Section with right side bar containing module blocks with pin highlighted

Customising Your View

Focus Mode allows you to remove distractions from your module page so you can keep focused on learning. Enable focus mode by clicking on the Focus Mode icon in the bottom right of your screen.

Moodle Course Page with Focus mode icon highlighted in bottom right corner

The Userway Accessibility widget appears on every Moodle page.  Clicking on the widget opens the Accessibility menu which allows you to personalize how you view your module. 

Moodle course page with Userway Accessibility Widget menu open

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