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The folder allows a teacher to display several course files together. The files may be of different types and they may be uploaded in one go, as a zipped folder which is then unzipped, or they may be added one at a time to an empty folder on the course page.
Note that in the Moodle LMS, a folder can only be used for gathering and displaying files, not other resources or activities, unlike the use of the term ‘folder’ in other learning platforms.

Depending on how the teacher configured the folder, students will either click the folder to see the files or they will be displayed on the course page. If the teacher included a Download button, students will see the button and can download all the content of the folder to their computer.


There is a term folder in Brightspace but this is different to what is referred to above in Moodle. In Brightspace the top level of content is called a Unit, the next level down is called a Lesson and the final level is called a Folder. See exacmple below. The folder does not hold zipped content or material. It can contain files but each must be uploaded and linked to the Unit/Lesson/Folder manually and verified that it opens and displays properly for you.

  • Unit
    • Lesson 1
      • Folder 1
      • Folder 2
      • Folder 3
    • Lesson 2
    • Lesson 3
      • Folder 1
    • Lesson 4

Bottom line

Folders do not existing in Brightspace compared to the core functionality of Moodle. You can make a workaround happen but it takes additional steps and work on the part of the academic/teacher. Rebuilding and restructing of your content and material is recommended.

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