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A page resource creates a link to a screen that displays the content created by the teacher. The Text editor allows the page to display many different kinds of content such as plain text, images, audio, video, embedded code or a combination of all these. Pages are more accessible than uploading word-processed documents, particularly if the document just contains text to be read and not downloaded.


Brightspace allows the user to add pages to the course content. At the top of content homepage, click on Create New and then choose HTML Document. This will allow the teacher / academic to create the html page for the student to view.

Bottom line

Pages do import correctly into Brightspace but you have to review – and most likely edit – the imported content. Weblinks on the page need to be confirmed and signed off before releasing the page to the students to view. Images and additional content that is imported is stored in the root folder of the content module. There is no structure to the files / pages that are imported. Everything is put in the root folder of the module and after a time – this becomes really difficult to find anything . Rebuilding and restructing of your content and material is recommended.

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