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Resources – URL


A URL (Uniform or Universal Resource Locator) is a link on the internet to a website or online file. Teachers can use the URL resource to provide their students with web links for research, saving the student time and effort in manually typing out the address.


Brightspace allows the user to add URLs or weblinks – as Brightspace referes to them – to the course content. At the top of content homepage, click on Create New and then choose Weblink. This will allow the teacher / academic to create the linked term to an external resource for the student to view.

Bottom line

URLs or weblinks are one of the simpliest and most commonly used resources with a Learning Management System. Migrating content between different LMSs requires that all imported content is checked against the originating source. Something as simple as a URL should be created anew within Brightspace. This way, the link is confirmed working and ready to deploy. Recommend that URLs are created fresh and not imported.

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