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Self enrol in a module

This article will cover how to self-enrol in a module on Moodle. You will need to know the self-enrolment key in advance in order to complete this process. The lecturer will provide you with this key if you do not know what it is.


Go to the moodle website and log in with your student username and password. This will take you to your dashboard page.

Dasboard and Search

In the navigation bar at the top, click on the search icon and type in the module code you wish to self-enrol in.


The results for your search will be displayed in a list for you to view. Please note that the latest or newest modules will appear at the top of the list. Also look for details in the summary of the module that denotes the year of teaching etc.

Search Results

The key icon at the end of the module title denotes that there is a self-enrol password set for this module. This is a one off password the lecturer sets that will allow the students to self-enrol on a module. When a student successfully self-enrols in a module, that module will appear in their list of modules from that point on. The student will not need to repeat these steps everytime.

Self-enrol Key Icon


Next, you will click on the module and you will be asked to enter the enrolment key. Once you enter this correctly, you will be enrolled in the module.

Enrolment Key

After you have successfully self enrolled you will gain access to the module.

If you want to unenrol from a module at any point, there is an administration block on the right hand side of each module. In here you have a choice to unenrol from the module.

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