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Overview Page

The Moodle support website contains a knowledge base of articles and categories relating to Moodle 3.9. When you first enter the website, you land on the overview page. This page has several key aspects that help you navigate and find the answer to your questions. 

Main Menu

Across the top of the website, there is the main menu. The home button takes you back to the overview page. Next you have links to the Moodle VLE, the student resources category, an advanced search page, and a contact information page. 

Main Menu

Search Function

Below the main menu is a search function. Here you type in the keywords or topics that you wish to search for, and press enter. The results are displayed in a drop-down list, and you can navigate through these by clicking on the relevant articles.  

Search Function

The Knowledge Base

Next, you have the categories for all knowledge base articles. The first five articles are visible under the category heading and if you click on a category heading, you are taken to a full list of articles for that category. At the bottom of a category, the “Show all articles” link let you know how many articles are not visible on the current page.  

Category and Articles


At the bottom of the page, the footer section lists all the categories within the knowledge base, as well as the top searches performed for articles. On the right-hand side, you have an arrow that takes you back to the top of the page.   


An Article

Clicking on an article heading allows you to view the articles in full. A breadcrumb menu appears at the top of the articles to let you know which category it is located in. Next to this, there is an option to print out the article. On the far right, there is a table of contents that will allow you to navigate to specific areas of the article faster.  

On the left-hand side, there is a share menu that will allow you to share the article with your friends and colleagues via popular social menu platforms like facebook, twitter, and whatsapp. 

Finally at the bottom of the page, a Next button might appear. This happens when an article is part of a set of articles linked together. This will take you to the next document in the sequence of events if you so desire.  

Knowledge Base Article

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