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Your Moodle Dashboard (Video)

Every time you log into Moodle you will be brought directly to your Dashboard.  The Dashboard has a number of features that will help you to access the information you need. The video below provides an introduction to the Dashboard.

Dashboard Overview – Video


The Dashboard has a number main navigation areas:

The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar runs across the top of your dashboard and contains a number of menu options:

My Courses Menu: This provides quick access the courses you are enrolled in for the current semester.  

Resources Menu: This contains quick links to important resources that you may need during the year, such as UL’s Glucksman Library UL student email, Student Administration, your Microsoft 365 account, the Disability Services website and your UL Student Handbook. You can also access the Moodle Help website where you can find a range of support guides and videos. 

Search Menu: The expandable Search field allows you to search for a course by module code or name. 

Moodle User Menu: You can access this menu by clicking on your name or profile image in the top right hand corner of your Moodle screen. Your Moodle User Menu contains quick access to your Dashboard, Profile, Grades, Messages,  Preferences, as well as the option to Log out. 

Notifications: New notifications or messages are highlighted on the Notifications and Messages icons.  

Moodle interface with dashboard highlighted


The Navigation Drawer

The Navigation Drawer on the left of the page provides access to your Dashboard, Moodle site home page, and calendar. You can collapse or expand the navigation drawer to suit your needs by clicking on the hamburger icon to the left of the UL logo

Both the Navigation Bar and Navigation Drawer are available from any page in Moodle once you are logged in.

Image of Dashboard screen with Green Navigation drawer to left of the screen highlighted


Default Dashboard Blocks

In the main area of your Dashboard there are a number of default blocks which will help you to locate and manage your coursework.

Course Overview Block

The Course Overview block provides an overview of all of the courses or modules that you are enrolled in.

You can Filter this list by courses or modules currently in progress, future courses or past courses, by starred, or by those you have removed from view.

You can ‘Star a course’ which you frequently use  or  ‘Remove a course from view’ if you no longer want it to appear in the list of ‘All Courses’ in your Course overview block. These actions only affect your view, so you don’t need to worry that you are making changes for anyone other than yourself.

You can scroll left and right to see more of your enrolled courses or you can change the way in which your course overview block is organized.   You can choose to display your courses in Card, List, Or Summary format.

You can sort your courses by Course Name or by those you last accessed.

Image of Dashboard with elements of course overview block highlighted.

Timeline block

Image of Dashboard with elements of course overview block highlighted.

The timeline block lists upcoming course deadlines on your courses.  You can filter this list timeline or sort the list by date or by course.

Dashboard with elements of Timeline block highlighted.

Side Bar

When expanded, the side bar on the right of your dashboard houses your Moodle Calendar and Upcoming Events blocks.

The side bar can be expanded and Pinned or Unpinned by clicking on the pin icon.

Dashboard with elements of Side bar highlighted.

How to Customize Your Dashboard

Your Moodle dashboard is fully customizable.  You can customize this page to add new blocks, rearrange blocks or hide unwanted blocks.

  1. When on your Dashboard click ‘Customise this page’.
Dashboard with Customise this page button highlighted

2. Use the Navigation Arrows in the top right hand corner of each block to rearrange the blocks.

Click the Gear Cog icon to configure, hide or delete a block.

You can add a new block by clicking ‘Add a Block’ from the Navigation Drawer on the left..

Dashboard with Move Block and configure block icons highlighted

3.This opens the Block Menu. Select the block you would like to add to your Dashboard. You can learn more about the functionality of Moodle blocks at the following Moodle resource site: https://docs.moodle.org/39/en/Blocks

If you want to reset your dashboard you can Reset page to the default.  When you have finished customizing your dashboard you can ‘Stop Customizing this page’

Dashboard with Reset and stop customising buttons highlighted

Userway Accessibility Tool

The Userway Accessibility widget appears on every Moodle page.  Clicking on the widget opens the Accessibility menu which allows you to personalize how you view your Dashboard. Any settings you apply with the Userway tool are only visible to you.

Dashboard with Userway highlighted

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