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Upload a Video Assignment to Moodle

This guide will take you – the student – through the process of submitting your video assignment on Moodle. You must be enrolled on the module as a student – not a guest user – in order for the following steps to work .

NOTE : This is a two step process. First you must upload your video and second, you must link that video to the assigment on Moodle.

Step 1: Uploading your video

Log into moodle and go to your module where you want to upload the video assignment. Go to the week / section where the activity is located and click into it. This will take you to the parent folder in Panopto for your module.

  1. The Create button is how you are going to upload your completed video to the module assignment. Please note – you do not have permission to create or upload media to the parent folder on Panopto. You only have permission to complete this step in the assignment folder.
  2. Check that the module code that appears under the search box is the same as the module code in Moodle.
  3. The assignment folder – located at the top of the content pane – is where you are going to upload your completed video assignment. Click on the folder to enter the location and upload your media.
  4. This is the Moodle breadcrumb that will take you back to Moodle at any time. Once you are finished uploading your media click on the module name here to go back to the Moodle module page.
  1. Once you have gone into the assignment folder, click + Create and choose the Upload media option ( usually the third option in the list but this may vary) and the screen above appears.
  2. Click on the video image in the middle of the pane or drag and drop your video file here. This will start to upload to the Panopto server and you will be notified when you can close the window. Please note that the time it takes to upload the content will vary depending on your internet speed.

Now you have uploaded your video assignment and the only people that can see it are you – the originating student – and the teacher. No other student can see the video content in this folder unless they uploaded it. Return to Moodle.

Step 2: Link your video to the assigment

Now you have uploaded your video, the final step is to link this video to the assigment activity on Moodle. Go back to the module and look for the Moodle Assignment associated with the video you just uploaded. Usually this is done with Part A and Part B prefix but it depends on the lecturer.

Go into the assignment and click on the Add submission button. This will take you to the online text page where you will link your video that you uploaded in Step 1 above.

  1. Click on the Panopto button in the menu bar of the text editor.
  1. Everythnig is chosen by default. This shows all videos you have created or uploaded on Panopto.
  2. Make sure you are using the Choose tab to see and select your videos.
  3. Select the video(s) you want to upload
  4. Insert these videos into the Online Text page by clicking Insert.

Once this is done Save your changes and you will a preview of your submissions. You can edit this at any stage up to the deadline of the assignment.

You have now completed the two stage process of uploading your video and linking it to the assignment.

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