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Upload Turnitin Assignment for a student

This article shows how a lecturer can upload an assignment on behalf of a student within Turnitin. There are a few reasons that this might be required :

1 – The student might have no poor internet access and emailed the submissions to the lecturer for uploading.
2- The assignment might not allow submissions past the due date – but an exception is made for a specific student. In this case the student will need to send the article to the lecture and they can upload it on their behalf.

First, the lecture needs to log into Moodle, go to the module and then go to the Turniting Assigment on the module page. Go into the assigment and locate the students name that you wish to upload the assignment for.

Note that the above is the lecturers view of the assignment. We can see that the deadline for submission has passed as the date is shown in RED. Anything that is uploaded to the assignment area after the due date deadline will be displayed with red text – assuming the assignment is configured to accept late submissions past the due date. Click on the image of the cloud with the arrow pointing up – this will allow you to upload a document on behalf of this student.

After you click on the upload icon, choose File Upload as the Submission Type, give it a name and choose the file from your local computer. This will be the file the student emailed you to upload on their behalf. I recommend saving it to your desktop – uploading it – and then removing it from your desktop once it is successfully uploaded.

Wait for your digital receipt to show that the article was successfully uploaded to Turnitin and the originality report is now being generated.

To the left of the grade will be the originality report section – this will show as pending when it is initially uploaded. Usually within a few minutes the report is generated and the result is shown to the lecturer and the student.

Now you can repeat this process with any other articles that might need to be re-uploaded. Please note – if there is already an article uploaded from a student and you want to replace it , I would suggest deleting it first using the trash can icon on the far right hand side and then following these steps outlined here to upload the new article.

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